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ISOBUS Web Portals - Management of Agricultural Machinery Software

Our ISOBUS product line comprises various applications for the management of agricultural machinery that portray the interaction of digital agriculture.

In many areas modern agriculture is supported by software - no wonder it is increasingly spoken of 'moving computers on the field'. Farmers, for instance, use apps for navigation in the field or for precision farming. The ISOBUS makes it possible to use this software to control devices from different manufacturers via one single terminal. The electronic control units of the respective components require firmware farming updates. A major challenge is the distribution of the software: How does the software get from the developer to the tractor or the field sprayer?

There are many players with different devices who need unique structures to jointly implement the delivery of agricultural machinery software, transfer licenses and document firmware updates: manufacturers, software developers, terminal manufacturers, farmers and technicians. We bring them together in our web portals.



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