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SIS SDNORD Information System

The SDNORD Information System is a standard in the implementation of web-based content management systems.

It has the following features:

  • Web-based and platform independent
  • Easily to configure
  • Manage large amounts of data, which are held by database
  • Use and development of software standards
  • Continuous development of the modules
  • Well structured, intuitive user interface

In most cases the data base is set by an SQL server. On-board tools of the SQL-Server (views, stored procedures, triggers, roles, linked server) apply. For the designation and traceability standards are applied, which simplify the maintenance of the systems.

When logging in the system recognizes the user and assigns a role with the access rights. On the Home screen, individual information can be stored.  Templates and CSS-based formatting allow adjustable web frontends. The system can be used via all common webbrowsers. Reporting systems can be created and accessed in different formats, such as csv or pdf. Html reports and list exports are also possible.

Examples of a list and detail view. Click to enlarge the image.

Further functions of the SDNORD Information System:

  • Setting up e-mails, which automatically send reports to recipient addresses.
  • Connection of barcode-based mobile data collection. Synchronization of data over the Internet without a PC connection.
  • Store multiple languages.

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